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IPCA Trading and Services Company Limited (IPCA Co., Ltd, commonly known as IPCA) is established under Decision No. 0101941042 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on 11 May. / 2006 with a charter capital of VND 9,800,000,000.

IPCA Trading and Services Co., Ltd. was established to become a RELIABLE PARTNER of all businesses in DESIGNING, BUILDING and MAINTAINING INFORMATION SYSTEMS most effectively. Through many years of development and growth, our company has established a solid reputation in the market. IPCA has become a familiar name for many customers.


Currently, the company provides, installs and advises on the following security and monitoring equipment solutions:

1. Camera Surveillance Solution

  • Solution for surveillance cameras for buildings and offices
  • Solution for surveillance cameras for industrial zones
  • Surveillance Camera Solution for Hotels
  • Surveillance Camera solution for Banking - Finance
  • Solution for surveillance cameras for supermarkets and trading floors
  • Solution for surveillance cameras for intersections
  • Port management solution

2. Access Control System - Electronic time attendance

  • Access Control System for the building
  • Control System for elevators
  • Parking control system
  • Goods and warehouse control system
  • Electronic timekeeping system for office blocks, large production enterprises
  • Supermarket security system

3. Alarm system, Fire alarm, Fire fighting

  • Alarm system, fire alarm, fire protection for buildings, office blocks
  • Alarm system, fire alarm for the Bank
  • Alarm system, fire alarm, treatment for supermarkets, warehouses
  • Alarm system, fire alarm and fire alarm system for the Industrial Park

4. Giải pháp phần mềm

  • Automatic time attendance software solution
    Software solutions for Observation Camera system
    Timekeeping solutions - Human resource management
    Timekeeping solution - salary calculation - human resource management

5. Lightning Solution, Lan network, telephone exchange

  • Solution of Surge Protection
  • Grounding lightning protection solution
  • Lan / internet network solution
  • Telephone exchange, telephone network

6. Solution for online conferencing - Wan / Internet online conference

  • Online meeting solution for financial institutions and banks
  • Online conference solution for businesses
  • Online conference solution for education and training institutions, hospitals ...


With more than 50 experts, we have a team of young, enthusiastic and dynamic employees in the workforce, with extensive experience in implementing large projects, in many different fields.

Our staff has been trained many times from prestigious colleges and universities at home and abroad. Many of them have become experts in many fields. Especially among them there are many people with top experience in the field of Security.

We are proud to have a team of employees who are deeply knowledgeable about the customer's profession - The secret of success!

With a deep understanding of professional and experience in implementing major projects in the field of Banking-Finance, Business, Telecommunications, Government ... We can quickly understand the requirements of industry customer service and make customers happy with high quality products and services.


With a large-scale operation throughout the country, IPCA Trading and Services Company Limited is committed to bringing customers the best products and services. With a staff of intensive, dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced IPCA company we always give customers the satisfaction and absolute trust. To maintain the leading position in the field of Security and IPCA throughout a certain orientation:

For domestic customers, IPCA continues to build a traditional strategic relationship with customers. With the orientation of always accompanying businesses, agencies, departments, unions on the way of modernization with the goal of always providing enterprises with the best solutions - with the best service in Vietnam.

Continue to build and improve the staff of employees who are capable of applying the most modern technology and know deeply about customer service. Being able to consult and work in an increasingly internationalized environment.

Build reputable and reliable foreign partners, provide new solutions to meet the highest requirements of customers.

Continuously apply the latest methods to improve management capacity and competitiveness of businesses. We are always at the forefront of integrating devices to offer the most comprehensive solutions for customers.

Expand the supply of products and services to the regional market


With the desire to become one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of Security - Monitoring. IPCA Trading and Services Company Limited committed:


With Formula:

  • Bring the highest efficiency for customers, for partners, for society associated with the interests of the Company.
  • Create competitive advantages with total solutions, provide a variety of computer equipment and application software with high quality and reliability.
  • Training, continuous professional and professional training for all employees to bring customers confidence in professional ability, thoughtfulness with the best warranty and after-sales maintenance services .
  • Improve the quality and value of products and services through consulting, training for customers to choose and best applications.